I try to inform the people I’m around pretty often about the things that are wrong with our society and our earth at the moment because I want them to be aware, and almost 90% of the time they end up making it seem like I’m overreacting and that nothing I’m talking about matters because it doesn’t involve them—- and that pretty much sums up the human population I think

Tomorrow after work I’m going to start a gym membership so I can get into cardio again. I know I’ll use it if I can run/use the elliptical in an air conditioned building. I would attempt to do it outside, but it’s too hot to run in Texas and I’m scared I’ll actually have a heatstroke if if I try.



Civillian // Wye Oak

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I was watching goosebumps today and I had no idea Ryan Gosling was in the Say Cheese and Die episode